Ralf’s work is subtle, intuitive and extremely powerful. I feel like a co-pilot whilst being gently guided. The results have been very effective.
— F.B.
I wanted to say that the session with you was really amazing. The transformation in how I feel is remarkable. My anxiety is nearly gone and so much more manageable. I worry a lot less about things which gives me space to work on things I really want to achieve.
— K.E.
Our sessions together continue to ameliorate the immense pain and fear I suffered as a child. Ralf has patiently helped me to reformulate the impact of this trauma on my life. He has been diligent and compassionate throughout the healing process. I have the capacity now to move forward.
— M.G.
I think I have never cried as much in my life as before - found it quite healing - and the feelings of emptiness and loneliness seem to disappear. Also I never realised how much my friends like me - I am getting my life back. My shoulders feel more relaxed than ever, and the feeling of groundedness is here to stay I think. Life is not black and white anymore.
— H.J.
If you have a tendency to lose connection with yourself - by either feeling too much or not feeling enough - Ralf has an extraordinary presence that has the power to bring yourself right back home.
— S.L.
From the very first session with Ralf I knew I had found the therapy, and the therapist, I’d been searching for. I’d previously had some CBT and psychotherapy but I knew I was looking for something more. I’d always struggled to express my emotions fully with other therapists - I never really felt comfortable with the power imbalance between ‘therapist’ and ‘patient’, and so wasn’t able to be truly open. I haven’t felt that way at all with Ralf - it’s never been formal or awkward. During our sessions Ralf is very calm and reassuring, while at the same time incredibly engaged and focused. He encourages you to pay attention to your body and to acknowledge and allow any internal change in energy or sensation that occurs. Sometimes the emotional and energetic shifts are subtle; other times they feel quite profound. It still amazes me how much of a physical experience it is, much more so than standard psychotherapy. I also never thought I’d laugh during therapy, as I’d always believed it was supposed to be serious ‘work’, but recently I’ve found myself crying and laughing in the same session. I genuinely look forward to seeing Ralf and experiencing the physical and emotional shifts each meeting brings. With his warmth, humour, patience and skill I’m starting to feel comfortable being more open, more myself. I only wish I’d found Ralf ten years ago!
— A.H.
What I want to say is that in one year of work with you, I’ve made more progress than in four years of specialist trauma therapy prior to that, and it’s improved my life massively, in many, tangible ways. The work we do is making the past manageable for me, and you are very compassionate. You’ve helped me recognise and then address the impact on my well-being and behaviour. As a result, I am much more stable. States of distress and severe anxiety are far less frequent, my energy and groundedness far improved. And I am much kinder to myself. My chaotic behaviour has pretty much disappeared and how I relate to the people around me - especially the ones difficult for me - is much more boundaried. I can take better care of myself in relation to them, and this gives me inner space - which it feels like I never had before in certain settings.
— R.F.
I finally feel like I’m on my way home (I also feel like I could cry like a river!). My deepest gratitude for people like you.
— F.O.
The therapy sessions with Ralf are hugely beneficial. Ralf has a very calming and unthreatening presence which was essential for developing trust in him.  When I started therapy with him I felt as if I was disintegrating, either detached and numb or constantly anxious. I’m learning to feel some of my emotions without immediately covering them up with unhelpful behaviours/coping strategies. Ralf helps me to recognise what is happening in my body, and to pay attention. Something I’ve always avoided, trying to solve everything in my head, on a cognitive level. The sessions have a peaceful effect on me, grounding and healing, which was quite a strange experience at first, because they are hard work. My mind has calmed down and I feel so much more alive. I feel very fortunate to have found Ralf in my online search for a trauma therapist.
— A.S.
My sessions with Ralf Marzen have deeply transformed my life. I suffered a deep childhood trauma which had a very negative impact on my entire life, my relationships with others and with myself. Over the years, I tried many ways to heal myself: through psychotherapy, travel, yoga, alternative therapies, a career change, readings… and although I made progress, I still felt as if something was missing. My issues seemed to be really ingrained in me, as if I had been wired in a way that was visibly irreversible. I followed my instinct when I contacted Ralf. To my amazement, and in just a few sessions – in fact after one session already – I felt an entirely new type of effect. I was able to finally integrate what I’d been working on most of my life. I mean, truly FEELING the healing inside of me. It was like a homecoming, a relief or an explosion of joy. Deep shifts led to real transformation. Everything started to fall into place. I feel honoured to be on this path and I am very grateful to Ralf for his help. With his empathic approach, his kindness and humility, he held my hand along the journey, making it feel safe, natural and rather effortless. Today, I can proudly say I have gained sustained clarity of thought, emotional autonomy and, most importantly, love and respect for myself. The ripple effect this has had in all areas of my life and especially in my relationships with others amazes me everyday. This new found inner freedom has surpassed all my hopes.
— C.P.
I wanted to try NARM and SE to see if it could help me resolve some anxiety issues. I knew straight after the first session with Ralf that something had changed, that the session had a deep effect, but it was only a few months later that I realised I wasn’t worrying nearly as much, and that I now react differently to difficult situations. I no longer see the worst possible outcome, instead I’m able to accept that if I have no control over the outcome then worrying does nothing to help. I’m able to just accept things as they are. I feel much calmer and more positive as a result. It’s amazing that just one session could have such a huge impact on my life.
— S.A.
When I arrived at StillPoint, I felt down at the bottom of a spiral and as if I could no longer live a happy and normal life. Meeting Ralf after a journey of meeting therapists that would tell me I need to rely on drugs and told me I would not be able to have a normal life again, saved my life. The work with Ralf showed me a light at the end of the tunnel. It made me realise there is always hope. It held me. Gave me my trust back in people. In myself. Made me open up to myself again. This gentle support, this loving care, this positive outlook to the future, this loving way to feel step after step what is best without forcing anything, this strong belief in myself, the acceptance of certain given circumstances have changed my life in the best way I could have ever imagined. I still have a lot of work left to do but I am so happy to have finally met Ralf, who helped me look up, live, laugh and hope again. I am full of gratitude and admiration.
— A.C.