My name is Ralf Marzen. I offer trauma therapy in the City of London (EC2) and online trauma healing sessions on Skype.

If you suffer from anxiety, chronic tension or pain, sleep or eating disorders, anger issues, addictions, and other stress-related symptoms, I can help you. Using highly effective tools from NARM (Dr Laurence Heller), Somatic Experiencing (Dr Peter Levine), Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy (Dr Raja Selvam) and others, we can work together to shift negative mental-emotional habits and free your body from long-held tension and discomfort.

I specialise in trauma healing for childhood/ developmental trauma, and I also work with shock trauma and stress. My clients come from all walks of life and their issues include PTSD, depression, anxiety, sexual trauma and abuse, grief, numbness, medical trauma, accidents, pre- and perinatal trauma, relationship problems etc.

This is your life and you deserve to live it with meaning, vitality and a future worth living into! It would be a privilege for me to assist you on your healing journey. Please contact me here if you have any questions or to arrange an appointment.

I also offer workshops and seminars on embodied trauma healing and trauma-informed bodywork and psychotherapy. I am passionate about bringing a deeper understanding of trauma as well as trauma healing skills to a wider audience, since I believe there is an urgent need for both

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Our retreats and seminars are designed for bodyworkers/ massage therapists, coaches, psychotherapists, yoga teachers and all others who want to enhance their understanding of and develop essential skills in working with trauma. www.embodied-trauma-healing.com (Video by Dominique Warfield)
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