How many sessions will I need?

This depends entirely on each individual. Some clients may only need one or two sessions to transform the effects of shock and/ or single event trauma, others need more time to work through more complex layers. In general, this work is powerful and clients report positive shifts quickly. 

What are the fees?

My fee for in-person as well as online sessions is £120.  
Sessions are 60min long. 
Please note I am unable to offer concessions or discounts. 

What frequency is best?

This depends on your intentions, circumstances and finances. 
Generally speaking, the higher the frequency, the more potent the work. Since this therapy is powerful, however, it is not necessary to have weekly sessions. You will benefit from the work even if the sessions are spread out. 

Does this therapy work online?

I have done hundreds of sessions through Skype or Zoom and can say that the effectiveness is the same as in person in almost all cases. Doing the work in the safe space of your own home often even contributes to the integration of the deep work we do in the sessions. 

Will I feel overwhelmed?

This therapy is very different than traditional talk therapies or some bodywork methods that can bring up too much intensity at once and leave a person overwhelmed or ungrounded, without tools or skills to manage the intensity.  
With this work and its deep understanding of the nervous system, we support the client to safely ‘digest’ intense sensations/ emotions and reconnect with their inner world one step at a time. In this process, they also learn empowering self-regulation skills. Feelings of overwhelm diminish as a result.

What will I gain?

Please look at the Testimonials page to get a sense of the benefits other people have found from this work.