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Embodied Trauma Healing - Healing Developmental Trauma Retreat in Greece

Developmental ( ( childhood ) ) trauma is at the root of almost all struggles in life.


tension and numbness in the body,

psychological and emotional difficulties,

addictive behaviors,

negative thoughts and beliefs about ourself and the world,

dysfunctional relationship patterns…

…all have their origin in early childhood.

This course is a deep dive into healing your own developmental trauma and learning how to facilitate this healing for others.

We will use elements of Somatic Experiencing / nervous system regulation work, self-regulation skills, modern neuroscience, and cutting edge developmental trauma therapy ( ( NARM and other modalities ) ) to explore this level of embodied trauma healing.

This life-changing approach allows you to:

-restore the nervous system

-find more safety in the body

-develop more self-compassion

-increase capacity for healthier relationships

Our focus will be on developing clinical tools for working with other people, using touch and dialogue. Whatever modality you work in — whether you teach or work with people one-on-one doing bodywork or other therapy — the material you will learn will profoundly enhance your understanding of people’s difficulties as well as increase your clinical skills to work with them.

The workshop is facilitated by Ralf Marzen, clinical psychologist, trauma therapist and bodyworker. Ralf is trained in a number of trauma healing modalities including NARM, Somatic Experiencing (SE), and Integral Somatic Psychotherapy (ISP). He co-teaches on the NARM trainings as a senior assistant. Ralf is also the director of StillPoint Centre for WellBeing in London and Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage. He has over 20 years experience working with individuals and groups.

Start Date: May 31st, 2020 at 6pm with dinner
Finish Date: June 6th, 2020 at 2pm with lunch included.

Venue: Sunshine House, Evia Island, Greece

Cost: €490.

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Accommodation must be booked separately, once registered please contact 

Prices for food and accommodation from €55-€80 per day.

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